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Wakeboarding Adventure Holidays

Posted in Holidays on December 7th, 2016

wakeboarding adventure holidaysFor those not in the know, wakeboarding is an activity that sees the individual riding their board over a water surface. The activity draws on techniques and styles associated with water skiing, surfing and snowboarding, and it is recognised as a thrilling activity which provides a different challenge from many water-based activities.

As wakeboarding increases in popularity, the number of resorts around the world offering this activity or specialising in it grows. This creates a platform to enjoy wakeboarding adventure holidays and there is no shortage of options if you are looking to see the world while engaging in this sport.

Belgrade in Serbia

The Aqua Sea Cable Park, which is located on Lake Ada Ciganlija has developed a reputation as being a premier wakeboarding destination in Europe. It has been the host of a major European wakeboarding championship and the fact that it can be found close to a major party destination ensures travellers can enjoy the best of both worlds in this destination.

The relaxed party atmosphere sits well with the fact that this is an ideal destination for beginners and people looking to develop their confidence in wakeboarding. The waters are considered to be very calm, which allows people to develop their technique and improve their skills. This means Belgrade may not be the ideal destination for experienced wakeboarders but it could be the perfect choice for people who have read about the activity and who want to join in the fun.

Borovets in Bulgaria

Less than an hour’s drive from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, Borovets has a strong reputation for being a skiing resort. However, in the summer months, it is now regarded as a fantastic resort for water based activities with Lake Izkar offering up excellent wakeboarding opportunities.

This is a resort that has capitalised on the wakeboarding movement and it is possible to hire all and any equipment you may need. There is also a range of coaches and tutors on hand so if you are looking to learn how to wakeboard or you would like to hone your skills, this is a destination that is well worth checking out.

Poros, the Greek Island

Located an hour away from Athens, Poros plays host to the Passage Water Ski resort and centre. You will find some of the most stunning and clearest waters in the world at this resort and as it is owned by a former sporting star, Soritis Kyprios, it offers an attention to detail that many resorts cannot match.

Poros can boast of the largest waves in Greece, although much of this is down to the 2005 Malibu Wakeseeker VLX, which is a craft that creates waves that are ideal for wakeboarding and surfing.
This is a destination for wakeboarders with experience or who are looking to challenge themselves.

Cordoba in Spain

This is a hugely popular destination at the best of times thanks to the warm climate and sunny days, and this has helped to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere around the Brena Reservoir.