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Weddings on a Ship

Getting married on a ship is a different and exciting start to married life.


RTC Travel Consultants have an excellent choice of cruise ships on which you can get married, and a good range of prices to suit most wedding budgets.

Cheaper Than Getting Married in the UK

Weddings on a ship are often cheaper than getting married in the UK once you take into account the cost of the wedding, reception etc., then add on a honeymoon.

wedding620_1955792bIf you’re getting married on a cruise ship, you will normally have a smaller selection of friends and family attending the wedding, and there’s enough room for everyone to either do their own thing or the more sociable might like to spend time together (but don’t forget the bride and groom might just want a little time alone after the wedding!!!).

If you have a wedding on a cruise ship then you’ll see lots of fantastic countries. You’ll have the option of staying on board, joining an organised tour, or making your own plans.

If you would like to make this wedding a back to back cruise, or a cruise and stay, please let us know and we’ll do our best to meet your wishes.

RTC are happy to make as many arrangements as you want, and we’re more than happy to extend our wedding discounts to all of the guests.

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