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Top 5 holiday destinations for 2017

Posted in Holidays on February 2nd, 2017

Having a holiday to look forward to is something that keeps many people working hard and optimistic during the drab and dreary winter months. If you need a little incentive to perk you up, here are the top 5 holiday destinations for 2017.


Anyone looking for a holiday destination that provides a chance to break free from the chaos and difficulty of everyday life will find Maldives to be perfect. This is an idyllic destination which offers a wide range of activities, or relaxing options, to ensure that every holidaymaker can create their perfect Maldives holiday.

There are many family friendly options in the Maldives where children of all ages can be entertained with surfing lessons or having the chance to learn more about the coral reefs and the eco-system of the islands. There is also an opportunity to enjoy the simplicity of building sand castles on golden beaches under leafy palm trees.

A recent study classed the Maldives as the best destination for recreational diving, an accolade based on the clean water and the stunning views that can be found under the water. With many of the islands in the Maldives being set up exclusively for tourists, travellers can be confident that their needs and desires will be fully catered for at all times.

Sri Lanka

Many travellers will find that the beaches of Sri Lanka offer all they need to have a fantastic holiday but there is so much to see and enjoy for people who explore beyond their hotel or local resort.

Whether you want to explore Buddhist temples, see the local wildlife in one of the many natural parks or enjoy an energetic break with diving and snorkelling on the agenda, you will find that Sri Lanka is suitable for most travellers.

With Sri Lanka being perfectly located between the East and West, you’ll find that this is a destination that offers some of the finest cuisine in the world. For a true taste sensation that won’t be found anywhere else, Sri Lanka offers so much.

In recent times, both Lonely Planet (the well-regarded travel guide book) and the Post Office have highlighted Sri Lanka as a fantastic destination. The Post Office recommendation cited the value for money on offer from a Sri Lanka holiday, which is something that may surprise people who view the trip as a more exclusive style of destination.


Malaysia is one of the leading tourist destinations in South-east Asia with the country proud of the fact that they are second in South-east Asia for tourist arrivals and 11th in the entire world. One of the most obvious benefits of visiting Malaysia is that it is a destination that offers the best of both worlds.

A Malaysian trip can be a stunning city break with the finest restaurants, shops, bars and social activities you could hope to find. However, Malaysia also plays host to stunning beaches, island, National Parks and a wide range of tourist attractions.

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area, with the world’s tallest building (Petronas Twin Towers) looming over the city. There is also a chance to connect with Kuala Lumpur’s past, which makes this a destination where you can explore to your hearts content.

All this beauty also makes Malaysia a popular destination for a late minute wedding abroad.

Luxury Cruises

If you cannot settle on a single destination or you are looking for a holiday where you can switch off, relax and have every desire catered for, there is an obvious solution. A luxury cruise provides the best of all worlds for travellers who want a high quality trip but who are also looking to explore a range of destinations.

There is a wide range of luxury cruises to choose from, so no matter what your interests or even your budget are, you should find that there is an ideal luxury cruise for you. There are many popular cruises to choose from but a luxury cruise to the Adriatic is well worth booking. With destinations like Dubrovnik, Korcula, Hvar and Split to take in, while also enjoying the festivities on board the cruise ship, this is a holiday that will stay in the memory for many years.


One notable trend in recent years has been the number of people preferring to take long weekends or city breaks as opposed to a full-on holiday. This means that many of the leading cities in Europe have been cast under the spotlight once again. You will always find recommendations for cities or regions like Barcelona, Munich, Madrid, Paris, Rome and Zagreb but for 2017, Lisbon looks like being a highly popular destination.

Lisbon has always had a classic style and charm to it but it has been improved in recent times and it ready to mix it with the chicest destinations in Europe. Add in the fact that you can combine a beach break with a city stopover, all in the space of a few short days means that Lisbon is the ideal European city for 2017.

If you are looking forward to a fantastic trip or holiday in 2017, these destinations will not let you down.