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How to reduce the stress of checking in at an Airport.

Posted in Holidays on July 14th, 2016

On Arrival at the airport

To save time make sure:

You have your passport, tickets and other documents you will require at check in.

Make sure you stay together as a group or family if you require sitting together.

Hopefully, you have made sure that your luggage does not exceed the permitted limit.

If you are a bride you may have made arrangements to take your dress in the cabin. If you discussed this with the airline and followed their advice this should not be a problem.

 Going through Security

This is often the most stressful part of the whole flying experience (unless you are a bad flyer)

To make this as easy as possible prepare while you are in the que before you get to the X-ray machines.

If you have any prohibited items like liquids over 100mm sharp implements etc. these are disposed of before you get to the check in

Put all your metal objects including coins, keys, watches etc into one container, don’t forget things likes belts which might have a metal buckle.

If you have a laptop, take it out of its bag and place it on the tray on its own, place your mobile phone and all the metal items you have collected together on a different tray, if asked to take your shoes off, you can place this on the same tray.

If you have done all this right, you should be able to walk through the body scanner without a problem and you belongings should also be with you when you have got through.

You can now relax and enjoy your flight, your holiday has begun.

A few extra tips for Brides & Grooms

I have already mentioned the Brides dress but at the start of you checking in, when you were getting your passports and other documents, this is a good time for Brides & grooms to check that they have all the legal documents that they will require. You would have been advised what these are by your wedding organiser.

Honeymooners you will need your marriage certificate to get the room upgrades, candle lit meals and all the other extras.

Health and safety issues

We are often asked the question “what jabs do I need”

The best answer to this question is to ask your GP or the Practice Nurse. They are the experts and have all the up to date information.

The other question often asked is “is it safe to go there”

From a travel Industry point of view we are guide by the advice given by the Foreign Office.

Below are a couple of useful links to their website:



We hope you find this blog useful and it will help you make your holiday just that little bit more enjoyable and less stressful.