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Kerala – God’s Own Country

Posted in Holidays on August 22nd, 2016

Kerala is one of the most popular holiday destinations and is situated on the south western coast of India. It is surrounded by both The Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean making it a place of paradise almost all year around with its stretches of soft, long sandy beaches, fishing boat trade, blue/green clear sea and perfect sunny sky, hence Kerala is known as God’s Own Country.

Colourful wildlife, waterfalls, sprawling tea plantations and paddy fields can also be visited, as indeed can many historic and cultural monuments, all being only a two hour drive from each other.

My experience is that of visiting Kochi or Cochin; both names are still used. Here, I stayed on Princess Street which is adjutant to the tourist area. I watched as tourist wondered around happily looking at stalls set up on the beach, where locals and tourists became one, as pointing, laughing and much arm movement was the language used, a language which everyone seemed to understand, as stalls sold local

pungent smelling foods, the more unusual sugar cane, both to chew on in its natural state and as a drink. There were stalls selling local shell jewellery, hats, toys, clothes, and much more to keep the tourists busy looking and buying. The local transport of tuk-tuks were on hand for public use.

Cochin/Kochi is well known for its fishing trades, and standing on the beach it is fascinating to watch the fisher men push and pull their huge nets in and out to sea using rope pulling methods with big stones on ends for balance.

Tourists strolled into the park to see some of its tree branches beautifully painted to look like slithering snakes, showing some of India’s more unique art forms. In the distance children played football bare footed, enjoying every moment, such freedom!

This park also formed part of the parade ground where Portuguese, Dutch and British military joined together in military parades, thus local houses built in the Dutch style are now heritage sights.

All in all I saw the peace, tranquility and novelty touch the hearts and souls of tourists, as pale skins became tanned, stressed faces became smiles and in some cases western clothes became eastern as everyone relaxed into their dream holiday.

I’m sure you would love Kerala too, which ever area you choose to visit, or indeed, travel between!