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Honeymoon in Cuba

Posted in Weddings on August 19th, 2016

“We chose RTC to book our honeymoon because we didn’t have the time to go to a busy travel agents, so arranging a home visit made our wedding preparations a lot easier. We chatted for a while about what we wanted and they had lots of great suggestions which were personalized to us and we finally decided to go to Cuba. I wanted to experience a new culture whilst my wife wanted to relax by the beach with a book, so RTC suggested to go to Havana for 3 days followed by a week in Varadero.


There is definitely more to Cuba than just cigars, and Havana is proof of this. Every alley we walked down we could hear traditional Cuban music being performed, and as a musician, this was a real highlight for me. We also went to club Tropicana to see a cabaret show and as George Michael states, surprisingly the drinks were free! Well, they were included with the price of the show.

Three days was more than enough to see all of the sites in Havana, and after visiting the Museum of the Revolution and learning more about the turbulent history of Cuba, the influence of war became more apparent as we walked through the recovering city. Referred to as locals as the “real Havana”, we saw people living in poverty and dilapidated buildings. Most of the city is currently being restored and we visited the Great Theatre of Havana. This had recently reopened after restoration and this was a remarkable sight and showed the potential that Havana has. We also visited the statue Christ of Havana and this was almost breathtaking, had it not been disguised by scaffolding. This summarized Havana for me: it had some incredible features but needs the financial backing of tourism and possibly an American influence.