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Football Tours abroad – Juniors and Adults

Posted in Holidays on January 4th, 2017

With football being a universal game that is played, watched and adored in so many countries, it makes sense to incorporate it into travel plans. Many people like to book a foreign holiday or trip and catch a local game when on their travels, but there is now an opportunity to combine football and travel to an even greater extent.

Football teams have the opportunity to book friendly matches or play in tournaments against teams of similar ages, backgrounds or skill-sets across the world. This provides people with an excellent opportunity to see more of the world while indulging in their favourite past-time and activity. These sorts oftrips provide people with a purpose in life in the build-up to the tour and then the break itself is likely to create so many happy memories.

There are a growing number of junior football tournaments welcoming teams from all across the globe. These tournaments, traditionally held in designated school holiday periods such as the Spring Break or Easter period or the summer holiday period, allow youngsters to develop as a team while getting to meet people from other cultures and backgrounds. While being focused on football, these junior football trips and tournaments provide a platform for youngsters to understand the world around them.

Some popular junior football tournaments include:

  • Disney President’s Cup Football Festival – taking place in February in Florida, USA for ages U9
    to U19
  • Trofeo Mediterraneo Football Tournament – taking place in Catalonia in Spain in April for
    various ages
  • Primavera Costa Ourada Cup Football Tournament – taking place in April in Salou, Spain for
    various ages
  • Holland Easter Open Football Tournament – taking place in Holland in April for various age
  • Cyprus Youth Football Festival – taking place in Limassol, Cyprus in April for various age

Other leading cities to host renowned junior football tournaments include Amsterdam, Aarschot, Dublin and Norwich. While the convenience of European tours make this the more likely option for British junior teams, there are tournaments in North and South America where teams from all around the world can participate. The junior tournaments also cater for female teams, ensuring that all youngsters can take part.

There are also tournaments for various adult groups including University teams, Armed Forces teams and teams of a Sunday league level. No matter the age or skill-set of a team, there are many football tours to choose from, which should ensure many teams have the chance to explore the world and pit their wits against new teams and opponents.

Many teams like to experience local culture when touring and no matter what destination is selected, there will always be an opportunity to sight-see and enjoy local attractions.