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Family Holiday Adventure Ideas for 2018

Posted in Holidays on February 13th, 2017

There’s nothing quite like a family adventure holiday to reinvigorate the family dynamic and breathe new life into tired limbs not to mention the fact that it offers the chance for the kids to blow off some steam, use up some of that boundless energy and if they’re in their teenage years, let go of that grump and rekindle their sense of childlike wonder. Ideas in principle are all well and good but let’s face it, many are destined to remain in the land of dreams, trapped like those in the BFG’s house in glass bottles – untouchable and far away. What you need are hard and fast plans and there’s nothing like a few top tips to set you on your way. We are fortunate enough to be alive in 2018 – an age in which few places are off limits and anyone can go anywhere. Of course, everyone’s family has a different makeup and dynamic, so that has to be considered and I hope this piece covers most bases, so let’s take a look at some of the best family adventure holiday plans you can start choosing from ASAP!

Hakuna matata, it’s safari time!

Imagine the look on your child’s face as he stares out of a jeep into the eyes of a resting lion or across to a watering hole as a family of elephants take on some fluid on a dusty, hot day in South Africa. It would surely take some beating and lay the foundation for a life-long love and appreciation of nature and animals – something that is truly character building. Instead of the usual Kruger Park you can try a smaller reserve for a more intimate experience, like those in KwaZulu-Natal province. Of course, safaris do come at a cost and you would be looking at around £2500 per person minimum.

Jurassic Park (Coast)

So, your kids have seen the movies, they love dinosaurs and you want to combine education with wonder and wholesome family fun. What better way than to take a family holiday on the Jurassic coast, home to layers upon layers of fossils dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. Over a 95 mile stretch of coast between Exmouth in East Devon and Studland Bay in Dorset you have plenty of beautiful beaches and stunning coastline and a heap of fossils waiting to be discovered. There are butterfly walks (the insect life is incredible) and geology walks to offer further education and this page offers great advice for how to while away the hours looking for fossils.

Temple and beach – within easy reach

Sri Lanka is fast becoming one of the most attractive destinations for an action-packed family holiday as it offers culture, the opportunity to discover new foods, smells, ways of life and spirituality as well as some spectacular beaches, making it easy to split your holiday between cultural exploration and peaceful relaxation. What could be better?

So, three very different ideas to suit different budgets and timescales. Get cracking on that plan!